Cullen Wines: 2024 Ancestral Wine releases

Four bottles of Cullen wines
Cullen Wines Ancestral Wines releasae 2024

Family is fundamental to many in the world of wine. But few wineries embrace the celebration of family lineage and legacy to the degree that Cullen Wines does. The Margaret River vineyard was founded by Dr Kevin John Cullen and Diana Madeline Cullen in 1971, with the adjacent Mangan Vineyard planted between 1995 and 1997.

Fruit from both vineyards continues to contribute to some of the region’s most iconic wines made by Cullen, including its latest releases.

The ‘Ancestral Wines’ range includes Cabernet Sauvignon-based flagship, ‘Diana Madeline’, and its Chardonnay equivalent, the ‘Kevin John’. There’s also a white Bordeaux blend named after Di’s mother, ‘Grace Madeline’. For the first time this year, there’s a new addition: ‘Ephraim’, a Malbec-based wine established in 2000 that was previously labelled Mangan East Block.

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