A new dawn beckons for the Médoc’s white wines

Médoc white winesThe vineyards of the Médoc, whose white wines may soon have their own classification.

So much has been written in recent years about growing consumer demand for lighter, lower alcohol wines, and at the same time, according to the ‘Focus’ report released by the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) in early December last year, white and rosé now account for more than half of global wine consumption.

Such a backdrop perhaps gives context to a decision by Bordeaux’s Médoc region, so long celebrated for its world-class reds, to be jumping on the bandwagon with an application to introduce regulations for white wines as part of the existing Médoc appellation.

Opinions vary, it must be said, over a ‘Médoc Blanc’ designation, which is currently still under consideration by the French national appellation authority INAO. The Médoc has long been known for its Cabernet-driven reds from warm gravel soils.

However, it also has pockets of clay and limestone – as well as cooler microclimates in its northern reaches nearer the Atlantic – that are amenable for crafting dry white wines.

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