Wineries leading the way – Meet the key producers revolutionising and championing Ukrainian wine

Grape pickers at Beykush Winery in Ukraine.Grape pickers at Beykush Winery in Ukraine.

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Beykush Winery

Winemaking in the northern reaches of the Black Sea has always been a dialogue. This conversation has spanned some 3,000 years, enriched by the voices of winemakers from far and wide, among them the Cimmerians, ancient Greeks, Romans and Ottomans. That’s the belief of family-run winery Beykush, which today continues this lively tradition of exchange, producing expressive and experimental wines.

Beykush Winery was founded in 2010 by Eugene Shneyderis, who set out to rejuvenate viticulture in Ukraine’s Mykolaiv region. Its vineyards are situated on the Beykush peninsula, facing the Black Sea, and are bordered by the deltas of three large rivers. The location provides a microclimate similar to Austria’s, but with less rainfall and more temperate year-round temperatures; it is ideal for viticulture, with characterful, dark chestnut, loamy soil.

Grapes arriving at Beykush Winery

Grapes arriving at Beykush Winery

Despite a humble offering of 75,000 bottles a year, Beykush Winery has attracted a loyal following with its diverse portfolio of wines. Working across its 14ha with 18 grape varieties from nearby and abroad, Beykush Winery dedicates the majority of the vineyard to clones of red and white French and Italian grapes – from Chardonnay to Pinot Grigio and Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, it has experimental parcels boasting grapes never before planted in Ukraine – or in the case of Timorasso, anywhere in the world. The white grape is found only in its homeland of Northern Italy and, now, in Ukraine. Further experimental projects include work with the local white grape Telti-Kuruk and red grapes such as Malbec, Pinotage and Tempranillo.

Beykush Winery founder Eugene Shneyderis and CEO Svitlana Tsybak

Beykush Winery Founder Eugene Shneyderis and CEO Svitlana Tsybak, who is also the head of the Ukrainian Association of Craft Winemakers.

Beykush Winery offers twenty-four wines, divided into four series – from varietal expressions to unconventional blends handpicked and aged in oak, stainless steel or clay amphorae. In a major achievement, its Reserve Chardonnay 2019 was awarded a Gold medal at the 2022 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA). The Historical Series is sourced from only the best plots and showcases specific techniques and varieties as well as surprising yet elegant blends. Kara Kermen, for example, is a blend of Tempranillo and Saperavi grapes dried
using the appassimento method. Each wine in the collection is named in honour of the area’s history and the various communities, including Jewish and Greek settlers, who at different times have called this region home.

Big Wines vineyards in Ukraine

Big Wines vineyards, south of Odesa.

Big Wines

Founded in 2019, Big Wines is a young winery – but it benefits from sitting within the Vinos de La Luz group, drawing on decades of international winemaking experience. This Ukrainian winery forms part of La Luz’s enduring vision to introduce connoisseurs to the world’s very best expressions of terroir and grape varieties, with a truly worldwide portfolio.

Big Wines is passionate about driving forward the continued excellence of Ukrainian wines – collaborating with top oenologists to gain a rich understanding of local terroir. Its goals are twofold: firstly, to continue to demonstrate Ukraine’s world-standard winemaking by producing exceptional wines from carefully selected international grapes, aged in the best French and American oak barrels; and secondly, to work with indigenous grapes, aged in Ukrainian oak, to capture the unique identity of its terroir and viticultural heritage.

Vinos de La Luz founder Ricardo F. Nunez Founder and Nataliia Burlachenko, Brand Ambassador and CEO/Co-Founder of Big Wines

Ricardo F. Nunez, Founder and Chairman, Vinos de La Luz and Brand Ambassador Nataliia Burlachenko, who is also CEO/Co-Founder of Big Wines

Managed by Ukranian sommelier and La Luz wine ambassador Nataliia Burlachenko, Big Wines Big Art is a limited-edition series of wines from vineyards south of Odesa, labelled with artworks by renowned Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk. Each is a…

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