A & W Moore Wine Racks UK – Expertly crafted wine storage solutions

A & W Moore Wine Racks UK – Expertly crafted wine storage solutions
Solid wood wine rack from A & W Moore Wine Racks UK

When building a wine collection of any size, from a few celebratory bottles to a comprehensive cellar, storage is key. Knowing how to correctly store and look after wines so that they age and develop in the best possible way can be difficult without expert advice. Good storage can help protect wine from spoilage – as a product of, for example, light strike or oxidisation – in order to preserve it for future enjoyment. This is where
A & W Moore’s experience and expertise come in.

Founded in 1977, A & W Moore Wine Racks UK provides a wide range of contemporary, high quality storage solutions. Headed up by the Moore brothers, the company is one of the longest-established wine rack manufacturers in the UK, drawing on its 45 years of experience to deliver bespoke, handmade designs.

A & W Moore Wine Racks UK's solid oak wine rack in dark oak with LED lights

Solid oak wine rack in dark oak with LED lights

Ensuring optimum storage conditions

Wines need to be stored at a constant, cool temperature and optimal humidity level, away from direct sunlight and unnecessary movement. When developing a wine cellar,
A & W Moore carefully considers all these key factors in order to design the appropriate storage system.

Regulating humidity and temperature levels in a wine cellar is particularly important for the successful storage of wine, as A & W Moore is very aware. Wine cellars require a special cooling system that can function at low temperatures and operate within a 2°C range, in order to keep the wine at a constant temperature, control humidity and prevent corks from drying out. A & W Moore’s expertise ensures that the correct cooling system can be fitted and integrated into the chosen storage unit.

A & W Moore Wine Racks UK's under stairs wine rack with glass screen

Under stairs wine rack with glass screen

Custom-made wine racking solutions

A & W Moore offers a wide selection of custom-made storage solutions, tailored to every need and budget, in a range of different materials and sizes. Choices include solid oak wine racks, solid pine, wood & metal and all metal racks. Great care is taken down to the high quality Danish oil finish used on the solid oak wood, selected to avoid any risk of leaching or smell and colour taint.

The go-to name for custom-made wine racking solutions, A & W Moore offer a made-to-measure service to suit all storage needs, from spirits to decanters, glassware to large format bottles. High quality oak and pine racks are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit all storage requirements. A & W Moore’s expertise can create new storage opportunities such as under stairs storage, with the option to install an all glass or wooden framed glass screen. The choice of wood, such as oak or pine, can be stained to give an attractive finish to your wine racking.

When approaching the team for a quote, key factors that will be taken into consideration include bottle and case size, quantity and format, bespoke display and layout requirements, spirits and glassware storage needs and chosen location.

Whether a private collector, wine bar or a top end restaurant or hotel, A & W Moore Wine Racks UK has the skill and expertise to design, manufacture and install the ideal cellar for every client. Well designed, expertly manufactured wine storage is worth the investment, helping you to care for your bottles and ensure they age and develop correctly.

To find out more or to organise a free quote with one of the experts at A & W Moore Wine Racks UK, contact [email protected]

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