Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 3/10/24

Hello and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard-inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

And the Pol Roger Cup goes to …

Jacob Rothschild, 1936–2024
Memories of the Baron.

Grapevine Viruses: A Look at Transatlantic Journeys, Quarantines and the Latest News
Let’s get agro geeky.

Famed French Bordeaux Château Finally Changes Hands After Legal Dispute
But the guy on the right doesn’t look so happy about it.

First-of-Its-Kind Industry-Wide Initiative Launches to Address Sexual Harassment in Beverage Alcohol and Hospitality
Great idea. Let’s hope it helps.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Grower Champagne
An excellent article.

How Piedmont’s Pelaverga Became an Industry Darling
Step 1. Be delicious. Step 2. ? Step 3? PROFIT!!

Why Wine Stores Are Entering the Wedding Registry Business
Glad this didn’t exist when I got married. Great idea.

Tall order: South African winemakers rise above election noise
Stay the course, SA!

Leading ladies: These women are shaping the world of wine in Singapore
Seven names to know in Singapore.

Rioja adopts new village and vineyard designations
Vino de Pueblo is progress.

It’s Time To Welcome in a New Phase of Ukrainian Wine: Vyno Ukrainy
Buy Ukranian wine.

Ukraine’s Fine Wine Industry Endures and Grows in Wartime
No, really, buy Ukrainian wine.

How she resurrected a 180-year-old Rhone Valley wine producer from near ruin to make it among the world’s best
A portrait of Caroline Frey.

How Victoria James Created the Largest Champagne List in the U.S.
Awesome. But not sure this list beats Pix Patisserie.

Chilean harvest festival ends in flames
Chile can’t catch a break. Glad no one was hurt.

The E-tailer Glass Ceiling
Paul explains things.

Digging Deeper into Wine’s Vine-Pull Battle
If people aren’t drinking, you gotta pull out the vines.

Sonoma County winemaker uncovers ancestral link to California wine icon
A link to the samurai winemaker.

Women are ‘the emerging market’ for fine wine – but merchants must invest to see growth
The wine industry overlooking women? Really?!?

S.F. wine stars opening new shop for bottles, spices and perfume
Cool concept.

A drink with… Rex Pickett
Checking in with the author.

International Women’s Day: Spotlight on the women driving wine tourism in Bordeaux
Names to know in Bordeaux.

Tipsy Telegram: Medvedev’s scandalous posts coincide with wine deliveries from Italy
Blame the Italian wine!

Australian farmers rip out millions of vines amid wine glut
Sad, but necessary.

Meet The Italian Wine Outsiders Who Raised The Quality Of Chianti Wine
From Puglia to Chianti.

Italian wine makers accused of shady plan to grow grapes on damp hillsides prized by truffle hunters
Uh oh. Now it’s wine vs. truffle.

Is Still Champagne French Wine’s Next Bright Spark?
Some of it is quite good.

European Malbec Back from the Brink
Not a story about Cahors.

‘Clean slate’ to reshape B.C. wine industry, after climate-related catastrophes
Looking for any silver lining.

The Unwritten Rules of Bringing Wine to a Restaurant
In case you didn’t know.

This wine is chronically misunderstood. Here’s why Millennials could rescue it
Forgive me if I remain skeptical. Hope is not a strategy.

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