Daily Wine News: Considering Typicity

Do grape varieties have intrinsic characters that come through time and place, asks Benjamin Lewin in the World of Fine Wine. Or does typicity simply follow fashion?

Riesling and Gewürtztraminer were once the specialties of California’s Anderson Valley. Now, they’re something of an endangered species. Esther Mobley delves into what happened in the San Francisco Chronicle. (This article is part of a series about the Anderson Valley, read more about that here.)

Is it time to give multi-vintage still white wines a chance? Filippo Bartolotta asks if it’s time to reassess our devotion to single vintage wines in the Drinks Business.

In Wine-Searcher, James Lawrence has a problem with over-manipulated aromatic varieties. “Of course, money ultimately does the talking; several buyers and sommeliers tell me that manipulation a la Burgundy is a surefire way of commanding higher prices…The world has enough over-manipulated wines that lack any sense of place and terroir. Please can we leave aromatic grapes alone?”

In InsideHook, Kate Dingwall explores the future of hybrid grapes like Baco Noir, Catawba, and Cayuga.

Lettie Teague recommends affordable Sancerre wines in the Wall Street Journal.

In Wine Enthusiast, Margot Mazur highlights biodynamic wines for Earth Day.

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