The Definitive List of Latinx-Owned Wineries in America

To your average wine drinker, they are invisible. Just as they are to your average lettuce eater. But make no mistake about it, without the men and women who work in the fields we wouldn’t have lettuce to eat or wine to drink. The combination of backbreaking effort and specialized knowledge required to farm and harvest wine grapes means that more than most people who work in a winery, the crews of Latinx vineyard workers are truly responsible for the quality of what’s in our glasses.

A crew of vineyard workers in the Santa Maria Valley. Photo by George Rose/Getty Images.

It should come as no surprise that these tireless people, and their children, often go on to become much more involved in the wine business than only picking grapes and pruning vines.

For some, the transition from working in the fields to owning a winery represents a lifelong and determinedly sought dream. For others, the dream is only realized when their children to become winery owners. The economics of this feat aren’t easy, nor are the societal barriers to be overcome, regardless of which generation is tackling them.

Between the early 1990s and 2010, there weren’t very many Latinx owned wineries in California or the rest of the country, but in the last decade, the numbers have exploded.

Encouraged and supported by organizations such as the Mexican American Vintners Association, Hispanics in Wine, and AHIVOY, many more wine brands and winery projects are being launched by the Latinx community.

Vineyard workers pick semillon grapes in Knights Valley. Photo by George Rose/Getty Images.

These wine projects are justifiably getting attention from news outlets and other publications interested in diversity when it comes to wine, but just as with Black-owned wineries, the stories written about Latinx-owned wineries usually only feature a handful of the same producers again and again (many deservedly so, for their pioneering work in establishing their place in the industry).

But I find great value in exhaustive lists, so here I am trying to make a list of every Latinx-owned winery in America. I’m sure it’s incomplete, and so I’d love you to tell me who I’m missing. You can do so using the comments below, or you can send me an e-mail. Thanks for your help. Gracias por su ayuda.

And if that image at top looks vaguely familiar, there’s a reason for that.

Without further ado, here’s the list of all the Latinx-owned wineries I could find in America.


Alex Sotelo Cellars
Ceja Vineyards
Cervantes Family Vineyards
Don Chalo Cellars
Frias Family Vineyard
Gustavo Wine
Herencia Del Valle
Honrama Cellars
Hunneus Vintners
Justica Wines
La Pelle Wines
Las Amigas
Llamas Family Wines
Madrigal Family Winery
Maldonado Vineyards
Mario Bazan Cellars
Maritas Vineyards 
Mi Sueño
Ortega Family Wines
Palmaz Winery
Piña Napa Valley
Rancho Uva Blanka
Rios Wine Company
Robledo Family Winery
Scalon Cellars
Solorio Family Wines
Surcos Wines
Tres Perlas
Viader Winery
Vinos Unidos
Voces Cellars


Aldina Vineyards
Cattleya Wines
Chavez Family Cellars
Crescere Wines
Delgadillo Cellars
Encanto Vineyards 
Enriquez Estate Wines
Fathia Vineyards
Fathia Wines  
Guerrero-Fernandez Winery
Keller Estates
Reynoso Family Vineyards
Valdez Family Winery
Wines by Julian


Cesar Toxqui Cellars


Borjón Winery
E16 Winery
Jose Wine Caves
Purity Wine
Villa Vallecito Vineyards


Serendipity Cellars


Anaya Vineyards
Paskett Winery
Seis Soles
Tierra Luna Cellars


Bodega Edgar
Lepe Cellars
Top Winery
Ulloa Cellars 


Esfuerzo Wines
Feliz Noche
Runway Vineyards


Reyes Winery


Doffo Wines


Corral Wine Co.
Sling Stone


Alumbra Cellars
Atticus Wine
Beacon Hill Winery
Cória Estates
Cramoisi Vineyard
Cubanismo Vineyards
Gonzales Wine Company
Guillén Family Winery
Parra Winery
Valcan Wine Cellars


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The Definitive List of Latinx-Owned Wineries in America  
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