Daily Wine News: Tourism Down

According to Wine Business, winery tasting room visits were down in May, June and July. “One reason recent numbers are looking low is last year’s numbers were very high. There are a couple theories as to why growth has slowed. One driver could be travel opening up, with increased competition for tourism giving people more options beyond driving to the nearest winery. Another factor could be the economic climate, including higher gas prices.”

Miquel Hudin ponders the implosion of Pix at the end of August. “It seems that as many solutions there are to be dreamt up, there are people out there, able to get money to try and bring these unneeded creations to life, no matter how often said people fail in this pursuit…Apparently, it “…just didn’t have enough runway” meaning, not enough financial backing, despite already having two rounds of funding during its short existence and being in the process of looking for a third. It also suffered from being led by a CEO who has seen this be either his third or fourth failed startup depending upon how you count. It’s been kept very quiet as to where the source of the money has come from…”

Several countries are reporting an early harvest in 2022, reports the Drinks Business, including several regions in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany.

Lynn Alley reports on the ongoing spotted lantern fly problem for vineyards in Wine Spectator.

The San Francisco Giants are the first pro sports team in the US to bring on a master sommelier to oversee its wine programming, reports Jess Lander in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Joanne Sasvari explores the growing category of non-alcoholic wine in Shondaland.

And this photo essay from Olvio Nuvo, the Ukrainian vineyard harvesting in the middle of a war zone.

Source : https://www.terroirist.com/daily-wine-news-tourism-down/