A peek inside Krug’s sleek and sophisticated new winery

Krug new wineryThe new winery looks out over Krug’s prized walled vineyard, the Clos d’Ambonnay.

Seven years in the making, Krug’s new winery and vinification centre was designed by Paris-based AW2 Architects and engineered by local Gnat Ingénierie. Christened Joseph 2.0 after the house’s founder Joseph Krug, the new site is located in the grand cru village of Ambonnay.

‘Seven years may seem like a very long time, but in fact it’s no more than the time in the cellar of an edition of Krug Grande Cuvée,’ says cellar master Julie Cavil during the revelation of the new winery to the press in April 2024.

Until now Krug has made most of its wine in the historic winery in the centre of Reims. But it wasn’t an easy place to work, with many constraints, notably space and temperature control. Cavil says that as climate change brings increasingly hot weather, controlling the temperature of vinification becomes more difficult.

The time had come to embrace modernity and ‘create the best conditions possible for the wines and the people of the next generation,’ says Cavil.

Scroll down to see tasting notes and scores for Krug’s two new releases plus eight other wines…

Source : https://www.decanter.com/premium/a-peek-inside-krugs-sleek-and-sophisticated-new-winery-533609/