Renewal, renovation and innovation in Bordeaux: Five revitalised estates to follow

Bordeaux winemaking improvementsChâteau Canon’s vat room.

Picture Bordeaux’s top vineyards in 2024; cover crops bloom between vine rows where bare earth once reigned. Bees buzz. Horses, not tractors, plough the soil. Many more estates follow an organic or biodynamic path instead of relying on toxic sprays.

The latest soil science has led to farming carefully, plot by plot. And due to the effects of global warming, fewer châteaux opt to remove leaves from the vines with the intention of allowing more sun to reach the grapes, as was deemed beneficial in the past.

It’s all about preserving freshness in the wines. It’s a world of difference from two decades ago.

Scroll down to see notes and scores for five wines from revitalised Bordeaux…

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