Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 6/2/24

Hello and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard-inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

How This Sommelier Pairs Rare Wines from Saga’s Cellar
Nice profile, great wines, but look at those prices!

A Rose by Every Other Name
Meg Maker has some recommendations.

A Wine Time Capsule
Charlie Leary does a very nice trip down memory lane.

The Last of Their Kind: Germany’s Treasury of Old Vine Riesling
I want to drink them ALL!!!

The Unrelenting Call of Charbono
Lovely portrait of Matt Morris.

Spanish-Californian wine pioneer defied tradition to become first female vintner in her family
A profile of Marimar Torres

Scratching Moulin-à-Vent’s 100-Year Itch
A journey back to an elevated reputation.

AI Has Infiltrated the Wine Industry and It’s Affecting What’s in Your Glass
But not in the ways you might think.

The Next Great Chardonnays Are from New Zealand
There are some seriously great ones.

Karen MacNeil: ‘2023 was as perfect as any Napa vintage in living memory’
The subhead in this article that reads “Magnificent Value” confuses me.

Why Are Wineries Around the World Seeking This Certification?
A different kind of sustainability.

Agricultural antifreeze? Sask. researchers say spray could help wine grapes handle cold better
Promising research.

The Science of Carbonic Maceration in Wine
An excellent explainer.

Terry Robards, 84, Dies; Lifted Fine Wines in America as a Times Critic
Nice obit.

Viña Morandé’s Ricardo Baettig: old vines are taking Chile to a new level
Maule and Itata are a treasure trove.

North Bay Business Journal names Women in Wine Awards winners for 2024
A list of great names.

Oregon wineries sue PacifiCorp for US$100 million for smoke damage
Is this why Berkshire Hathaway took a nosedive?

Is California’s Wine Industry in Trouble? (Radio segment)
Haven’t listened to this discussion yet, but it’s a great panel.

Devil’s Advocate: The Need to Uproot 15% of the World’s Vineyards
Robert Joseph does a thought experiment.

US Wine Industry Fights Back With New Marketing Campaigns
Let’s hope they end up with something good.

A Wine Time Capsule
A bit of nostalgia.

Will Lawyers Drive the Move Towards US Neo-Prohibitionism?
Yes. It will.

Guy Woodward: Why all producers should consider 0% abv wines
There’s a killing to be made. But only if it tastes good.

Defined Wine’s Henry Sugden on promoting best of new English wine
Is he the Michel Rolland of British fizz?

Elin McCoy: ‘Vertical tastings are tantalising: they carry us into the past’
Elin gets some good ones.

Wine Élevage: Coming to Terms with Aging
Vicky Denig dives into the nuance.

Bordeaux Vineyard Lose Half Their Value
Buyers market?

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