Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/19/24

Hello and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard-inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Andrew Jefford: ‘Barcelona declared a drought emergency on 1 February’
Water is life.

Just Another Luxury Product?
Bordeaux and the rest at the top of the pyramid.

Wine region reputation – difficult to build, easy to lose
Fintan has it arights.

The Complete Guide to Mousiness
A guide was needed?! Kidding. An excellent, geeky bit.

Winemaking in Paris is back, and you can discover its history in Montmartre

Why Nebbiolo Lovers Should Be Drinking Grignolino
I guess I’ve only had the lighter style of Grignolino…

Despite War, Ukrainian Wines Are Finding a Global Audience
Eric Asimov on Ukranian Wine

Argentina harvest 2024: Another unusual year, but excellent quality
Reduced yields.

Even fermentation is now being hampered by climate change
Yeasts have feelings, too.

California’s beleaguered wine industry finally gets some good news
Not holding my breath.

Are Wine Competitions a Load of Rubbish?
Most of them are.

How Manchester embraced natural wine
Across the Atlantic Sea…

Champagne Sales Slump Speeds Up
Slumping faster, is it?

Wine business needs to up marketing game for tough years ahead, experts say
Been saying it for years.

Reinvent The Wine Bottle? Napa Entrepreneur’s Hexagonally Shaped Bottle Innovates, Reducing Shipping Costs 39 Percent
Love this kind of thinking.

How a Young Winemaker Took Over a Legendary Napa Winery—and Succeeded
She’s a rising star to be sure.

A Highly Curated List of New York’s Best Natural Wine Bars
Because you needed another list? But this is a good one.

They had their Wine Country vineyard genetically tested. Then came the shocking discovery
These Pinots don’t taste right.

My resignation from Platter’s explained
The corporate takeover hath not gone well.

Farmworkers call for higher wages as guests taste wines at Healdsburg event
Who can blame them?

Pinot Noir powerhouse: the Ahr Valley
Ahr you ready for it?

A Guide to the Swartland, South Africa’s Most Underrated Wine Region
CondeNast offers its thoughts.

French court confiscates Bordeaux wine chateaux from Chinese magnate
Money laundering? No chateaux for you!

Sancerre Is More Than a Wine, It’s a Brand
Joining the ranks of Champagne and Prosecco. Such an interesting trend.

A New Generation of Sommeliers Is Rewriting the Language of Wine
Every movement needs its New Wave.

‘Succession’ in Napa Valley: Family feud could tear apart this historic winery
Move over Mondavis.

Xinomavro, the grape of the gods
Just remember, the emphasis is on the the “no.”

Celestina – a fine example of small-scale winemaking
A nice profile of a tiny winery.

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