Big West Wine Fest: June 1-2, Guerneville, CA

Few things are more idyllic on a hot summer’s day than standing in the shade of giant redwood trees, slurping (ahem—tasting) fantastic wine. You wouldn’t need to know much more about the Big West Wine Fest than that to decide whether or not it’s how you’d like to spend a weekend.

But in case you were wondering, the wineries set to pour include many of the hottest boutique wineries in California, there’s great music playing and lots of excellent food on offer. You interested yet?

Yes, this is a “natural wine” event, and there definitely are wineries in attendance that bring the funk if that is your sort of thing. But if your tastes in wine lean more conventional, you should take my word for the fact that there are a lot of really excellent “clean” wines on offer.

There are also tattoo artists, free ice cream, print-your-own merch, and many sundry little touches that make this event in the cute little town of Guerneville feel a bit more like Shakedown Street, if you get my drift. Supervised kids are even allowed!

So go ahead, throw on that old tie-dye t-shirt, some mirrored Aviators, your Birkenstocks, and get groovy. OK, in a big walk-around tasting, maybe Birkenstocks aren’t a good idea—might be a good way to get your toes crushed.

Anyhow, let’s get back to the real point: excellent wine. Here’s the list of wineries pouring on Saturday, June 1st: Absentee, Accenti, Bedrock Wine Co., Birdhorse, Broc Cellars, Buddy Buddy, Cary Q Wines, Catch & Release, Coturri Winery, County Line Vineyards, Delphinium, Desire Lines, Erggelet Brothers, Enfield Wine Co., Eye Cyder, Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah!, Filomena, Forlorn Hope, Glassmaker, Gondak Cellars, Guthrie Family Wines, Hobo Wine Co., Horse & Plow Winery, Jolie-Laide, Joseph-Jibril, Keatley Wines, Keltom Roots, Las Jaras, Laughing Gems, Little Trouble, LOTIS Wines, Lula, Marchelle, Monte Rio Cellars, North American Press, Nue Wilde, Old World Winery, Onirique Cider, Orixe Sotelo, Pax Wines, Ruth Lewandowski, Scribe, Soiled Body Wines, Tessier, Tilted Shed Ciderworks, Two Shepherds, Vai e Vem & Wavy Wines.

Here’s the list of wineries pouring on Sunday, June 2nd: Arquils, Ashanta, Bardos Cider, Breaking Bread, Caleb Leisure, CARBONISTE, Châteauneuf-du-Fargosonini, Conduit & Divergent Vine, Cormorant Cellars, Cruse Wine Co., Deux Punx, Ecliptic, Emme Wines, Ernest Vineyards, Etteilla, FRES.CO, GAIL, Goat Rock Cider, The Grenachista, Heaps Keen, Hirsch Vineyards, Homicider, Idlewild, Intent Wines, Isa Wines, Jupiter Wine Co., Las Vivas Wines, Les Lunes Wine, Llewelyn, Maison des Plaisances, Marioni Wine, Martha Stoumen, Matt Crutchfield Wines, Matthiasson, Parea, Philo Apple Farm, Rootdown Wines, Ruby Blanca, RYME, Social Creatures, Slow Dance, Terah Wine Co., Trail Marker, Unturned Stone, Vinca Minor, Virgo Magic, Ward Four, Yamachan & Zumo

There are some great names in there on both days. So find someplace to stay nearby if you can’t find a room or a campsite in Guerneville – maybe Healdsburg, maybe Santa Rosa, maybe Sebastopol, and think about spending the weekend at the Big West Wine Fest.

2024 Big West Wine Fest
Saturday, June 1st – 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Sunday, June 2nd – 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Solarpunk Farms
15015 Armstrong Woods Rd,
Guerneville, CA 95446 (map)

Tickets will run you $80 for the day, $100 for two days. They’re gonna sell out, and they’re gonna sell out in the next week or so. So get yours today. At festivals like this, hydration and a full stomach are key, as is spitting most of the wine you taste, so you don’t become a stumbling fool. Parking is at a premium in this little town. And when I say premium, I mean $40 for offsite parking at a nearby school. But in the spirit of community, and space economization, if your car has 3 festival goers in it, you get to park for free! Please allow extra time to find somewhere (legal) to put your car.

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