Total Eclipse of the Heart of RRV (Merry Edwards Cuvée Eclipse 2017)

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Did you know that there was a total solar eclipse back on April 8, 2024? You did?!??

Of course you did. I can tell by the explosion of poorly-photographed eclipse pics that took over my social media scrolling feeds on that date (and the day after that). Apparently, several (most?) of you didn’t know that your phone cameras, like your retinas, aren’t set up to handle properly photographing such an astral phenomenon. Or, you knew but didn’t care.


Thankfully, someone had a plan fo4r capturing the spirit of the event in a clever and much tastier way, that someone being Merry Edwards Winery. I was lucky enough to receive a sample of what seemed a bit of a gimmicky release based on the last two total solar eclipses visible in North America: August 21, 2017, and the previously mentioned April 8, 2024.

What they did was harvest Pinot Noir from the Richaven vineyard in Russian River Valley on the day of the former eclipse in 2017, and (along with some fruit from other nearby vineyards) created a sparkling wine released to commemorate the next eclipse in 2024. It’s a fun bit of marketing, to be sure, but after popping the cork on this sultry sparkler I can tell you that there’s nothing schmaltzy, flippant, or disingenuous about what’s inside (hell, even the eclipse-themed packaging is kind of cool in a reminiscent-of-stuff-they-sell-at-Terrain-that-I-cannot-afford way.


2017 Merry Edwards Cuvée Eclipse, Russian River Valley, $100

Gimmick or not, this is excellent, through and through. A significant and beguiling brioche character kicks things off, followed by aromas of fresh and dried red berries (currants, wild strawberry, raspberry…), rose petals, and citrus rind. In the mouth, its a fantastic melding of California fruit hedonism and refined cellar craftsmanship. The complexity and depth come from the fruitiness, and the rich texture that feels both fresh and opulent, light but also structured. Unlike your eclipse photos, they nailed it.


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