I’ll Drink to That!: David Rafanelli on Four Generations Making Wine in California

A new episode of I’ll Drink to That! has been released, featuring David Rafanelli of the A. Rafanelli Winery in California’s Dry Creek Valley.

Steadily, quietly, and reliably, the A. Rafanelli Winery has achieved what most wineries in California never do: it has successfully remained a family business for four generations. What are the keys to that longevity? David Rafanelli suggests that winery owners spend time getting to know their piece of land, aim for consistency through farming and blending choices, pay close attention to how many bottles they produce, have a plan for selling the bottled wine before the grapes come into the winery, pick a wine style and stick with it. It may seem counterintuitive that a winery could be successful by consciously choosing to make less wine, but David explains exactly why that is in California, and he also details the challenges that California winery owners face as a business.

A. Rafanelli isn’t just a successful family business, it is also one of the top producers of Zinfandel wine, with a track record for high-quality Zinfandel that stretches back decades. What are the strengths, peculiarities, and distinctive features of the Zinfandel grape in the Dry Creek Valley? David discusses the nuances of Zinfandel and clearly addresses what it displays in both the vineyard and the winery. Want to know more about one of California’s signature grape varieties? This conversation is full of insight.

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