Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 4/14/24

Hello and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard-inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

The “Golden Rule”: Communicating Stories of Old Vines
Old Vine Hero Randy Caparoso gets interviewed.

A drink with… Michele Faro
An ambassador for quality on Etna.

How Arianna Occhipinti Won Over the Wine World
Something of a paen.

Making the Connection: Women In Wine Symposium at U.C. Davis Showcases Role Models and Networking
Pam Strayer reports.

How a small rural California road became the latest wine battleground in Napa Valley
Traffic concerns in Napa? Shocker.

This California winemaker is making world-class wines from an underrated grape
California Chenin on the rise.

Champagne’s Nearly Forgotten Still Wines Are on the Rise
Warmth makes many things possible.

From Philosophy to Terroir: A Young Winemaker Focuses on Single Vineyard Wines
Cabernet in Chianti.

Why a fine de-alcoholised wine starts with an ‘undrinkable’ base
Haven’t tasted it, but want to.

Price is most important factor in wine choice, say US drinkers
Your latest context-less bit of wine data.

Barolo Legends Back in the Game
The folks behind Vietti are back.

Why So Many Winemakers Are Embracing Agroforestry
And shade.

The Only Solution for Bordeaux – Cut Volumes and Raise Prices
Not just Bordeaux.

50 years ago, her book took on the wine patriarchy. It still holds up.
A lovely profile.

Should Alcoholic Beverages Have Cancer Warning Labels?
Not good for wine.

Scientists launch wine bottle washing project in Finger Lakes, New York
Excellent initiative.

Sips and Bytes – Magalie Dubois
A nice profile of a key academic in the world of wine.

Sips and Bytes – Alder Yarrow
I got my own moment in the spotlight.

Sopron Is the Hungarian City Straddling Vines and Vision
The DMZ of Blaufränkisch.

Retro 1970s-style wines are back in vogue. But Napa winemakers from that era don’t understand why
Elegance? Longevity? Acid?

Wine’s Icebergs
But will we listen?

California Agricultural Workers Earn Less and Work Fewer Hours Under Overtime Law Approved in 2016
We still have more work to do, then.

Has Napa recovered from its wildfires?
No definitive answer here.

Wild grape vines of Easter Island identified
Very cool story.

China Wine Catches up to History
A brief historical primer.

German Wine Lobby Exposed: Political Interference, Deception, and Harmful Claims
If you want to know who the enemy is, it’s the people who wrote this article.

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