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Tommasi Lugana Le Fornaci – Introducing a lakeside masterpiece

[ad_1] The vineyards of Tommasi wines on the southern shores of Lake Garda, Italy Sooner or later, wine drinkers seeking to get to know Italian wine, in all its diverse flavours and styles, always come to hear of the renowned Tommasi family. Their history speaks for itself: after Giacomo Tommasi purchased a small parcel of land in Valpolicella Classica in …

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Grace Wine: From the foothills of Mount Fuji

[ad_1] The Misawa Vineyard in Akeno, Yamanashi, with a view of Mount Fuji. Credit: Grace Wine The rain stopped as our high-speed train from Tokyo entered into Yamanashi Prefecture’s Kofu Basin. Changing to a local train at Kofu station, we continued northwest to Nirasaki, where we were greeted by the soft-spoken Mr Shigekazu Misawa, the fourth-generation proprietor of Grace Wine. …

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New Jersey wines: A rising tide

[ad_1] WInemaker Mike Beneduce during harvest at his New Jersey Beneduce Vineyards. America’s defining ethos of freedom, at times a stereotype, is nonetheless a guiding principle that binds the nation. New Jersey embodies this ideal, even when it comes to winemaking. From Bordeaux-style blends, sparkling wines, and ambitious co-ferments, Jersey is paving its identity through freedom of expression. Grape expression. …

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