Maximin Grünhaus: Producer profile and wines to try

Maximin Grünhaus - Maximin von Schubert
Maximin von Schubert, 6th generation owner of Maximin Grünhaus

The name Maximin Grünhaus has long been among the top legacies in Germany’s Mosel-Saar-Ruwer wine region.

Over the decades the name has consistently drawn eager bids at the famed Grosser Ring or ‘Great Ring’, the annual wine auction in Trier, with buyers happy to pay among the highest amounts to snap up barrels of Grünhaus Riesling that aren’t marketed elsewhere.

Located in Mertesdorf, just outside of the city of Trier, along the thin ribbon of the Ruwer River, the Grünhaus estate, the arched gate framing a manor house which dates to 1597 and, behind the house, its steeply sloping vineyards, cuts an impressive figure in this equally impressive landscape.

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