Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 2/18/24


Hello and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard-inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

The Twilight of the American Sommelier
Because the news on wine has been so good.

How Red Wine Lost Its Health Halo
Speaking of bad news.

Loire Valley Wines Were Once the Toast of Europe. This French Businessman Thinks They Should Be Again.
Aiming for “Luxury Loire”

This vineyard was an insider’s secret. Can these winemakers finally make it famous?
A site that will become a legend.

A Toast to the History of Wine at the White House
TIME Magazine does a retrospective.

Island hopes undersea wine aging will boost economy
Talk about a niche market…

Licence to chill: a sommelier’s guide to chilled red wine
Cool, crunchy, and delicious.

The Wine Aeration Industrial Complex Will Not Rest
Don’t get me started.

Venice’s Island Wine Strikes Gold
I buy it for the label.

Sponsorships Turn Gold for Wineries
Gold. Gold. Gold. Gold is best.

Extra-large wine bottles are having their big moment
Not your dad’s Nebuchadnezzar.

Treasury Wine says it is ready to ship Australian bottles to China
How to make 26 million people happy.

What Lies Beneath: How Geology Is Transforming South American Winemaking
But no mention of Pedro Parra!?

The FBI is seeking documents on some of Napa’s most famous wineries. The question is why
Six degrees of Alfredo Pedroza.

Soave’s Road to Producing Cru-Quality Wine
Jason goes deep on Soave.

Unpopular Opinion: Sweet Wine Is Great
Something of a guide.

If You Like Volcanic Wine, Thank Fungi
Actually all wine.

Devil’s Advocate: The Wine Industry Has to Stop Being Tribal

Stalin, Machiavelli, and Nutritional Labels for Wine
Mike likes it.

Woman named Sonoma County’s Vineyard Employee of the Year for first time

In Search of the Circular Economy: Can California’s Bottle Bill Achieve its Billion Bottle Recycling Potential?
Pam continues her research into this program.

Fintan Kerr: What makes a good wine writer?
Fintan shares his thoughts.

Pledge of €230m to French winegrowers is an ’empty promise’, say vignerons
People are still pissed.

Why Winemakers don’t Like the Term Natural
Except for the ones that do.

Viñoly’s vision: Florence airport’s rooftop vineyard
Ambitious. But don’t tell the terroirists.

How Total Wine & More Became The Largest U.S. Wine Retailer
An interesting profile.

Dreamers and True Believers: A Wine Industry in Denial
A whole boatload of belief bias.

Angela McCrae Is Finding Passion And Purpose In Advocating For Black Women In Wine
A name to know.

US Grocer Merger Could Mean Less Shelf Space for Wine
This could really matter for a lot of wine producers.

Why the noise around Wine Paris is getting louder & louder
As usual, Richard Siddle has a comprehensive view.

Importing grapes may save the Okanagan wine industry
But only if the government changes its tune.

Oregon Wineries Lean into Business Challenges
Too much wine, not enough buyers, like most places.

Reviving Baga, the Star Grape of Portugal’s Bairrada Region
And it can age.

Brits abandon Merlot in favour of Beaujolais
Go Gamay.

Why one Sonoma County vineyard is seeing bud break weeks before others
Soil temperature is key.

Intruder pours away 60,000 litres of wine in Spain
Sucks. Bets on whether it was an angry Frenchman?

Grape growers being paid 1970s rates say they are at breaking point in Australia’s largest wine region
We’re “being screwed slowly” say growers.

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