The Next Iteration of Vinography Images


Social media has taken the place of the robust back-and-forth I used to have with readers in the comments here on Vinography. Consequently, I get a lot less feedback on what I’m doing here on Vinography than I used to. On occasion, however, I’ll meet someone at a tasting and they’ll mention something they enjoy about Vinography. The other day, someone made it a point to tell me how much they enjoy the images that I post here.

That made me happy.

Frankly, in a world of sparse feedback, the weekly images I’ve posted for several years generate the least amount of commentary. Not that I mind. I enjoy engaging my own visual senses by showcasing photography, and I like to support the various image makers that I’ve featured on the site over the years.

So I’m going to keep posting an image every week.

But starting today, the images are going to be mine.

Some of you know that I’ve got an undergraduate degree in photography that I’ve never really done anything with. But after 20 years of this wine blogging thing, I’ve got my share of wine-related images that I think are decent. Not spectacular, mind you. I’ll leave that to the real professionals like George Rose and Andy Katz. But they’re good enough to pass muster, and I’ve generally got something of a story behind each one.

So for the next little while (a year at least) I’ll be featuring my own work here on Vinography, which you are free to enjoy and (if anyone still does so) download to use as your desktop background or screensaver, or heck, even print out and frame. Like I said, I’m not a professional, so these are offered simply to brighten up your world and celebrate the visual wonder of the wine world that we enjoy so much.


Image above by yours truly and MidJourney AI, who doesn’t quite know what a view camera looks like. But check out that hat!

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