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Bodegas Portia in DO Ribera del Duero
Bodegas Portia in DO Ribera del Duero, Spain

For the past 160 years, four generations of the Marti?nez Zabala family have committed to producing wines that capture the essence of the land and vines of Spain’s most renowned regions and appellations. The company currently has six wineries under its umbrella, with a total of 2,200 hectares of vineyards across six designations of origin: DOCa Rioja (Bodegas Faustino, Bodegas Campillo and Marque?s de Vitoria), DO Ribera del Duero (Bodegas Portia), DO Navarra (Bodegas Valcarlos), DO La Mancha (Bodegas Leganza), DO Cava (Faustino) and DO Rueda (Portia).

The brands owned by Familia Marti?nez Zabala are among some of the most recognisable and renowned Spanish wine brands in the world today. Such achievement has been a product of continuous effort and innovation on the winemaking, viticultural and commercial fronts. The company combines a profound respect for the land with a forward-thinking entrepreneurial spirit and a deep passion for Spain’s wine tradition.

Campillo’s Campillo 57 Selección Especial

Flagship collection

To celebrate and share the company’s history, philosophy and trajectory of longstanding success, Familia Marti?nez Zabala has created a collection of premium bottlings – Marti?nez Zabala Gallery – that represent the best of its viticultural and winemaking assets in the DOCa Rioja and DO Ribera del Duero. The flagship range, produced from selected estate-owned vineyards, reflects the specific character of each plot and variety, as well as an accomplished expression of a given winemaking approach. Familia Marti?nez Zabala believes that excellence grows from the roots up, and this collection draws direct paths from root to glass, sublimating the excellence of the best fruit, yielded by the best terroirs.

International recognition

The labels in the Marti?nez Zabala Gallery have been consistently recognised by international judges and critics, consolidating their status as fine wines capable of representing their respective appellations on the world stage. 2023 has been yet another year of astounding success for the labels, not least at Decanter’s own Wine World Awards (DWWA).

The Gran Faustino I Gran Reserva stood out with a Platinum Medal (97 points), which saw judges praise its ‘complex and energetic’ character, ‘whooshing through the palate in a seductive style’ Bodegas Campillo’s Campillo 57 Seleccio?n Especial and Bodegas Portia’s Portia Summa both received Gold nods (96 and 95 points respectively) recognising their expressiveness and ageability. Meanwhile, the modern style of Faustino Icon Reserva Especial Seleccio?n was recognised with a 93-points Silver Medal.

The Marti?nez Zabala Gallery is completed by Campillo Finca Cuesta Clara ‘Raro’ and Triennia de Portia, both of which have also been highly praised on both sides of the Atlantic. Together, the six wines in the Marti?nez Zabala Gallery define a landscape of their own; one which the eponymous family has been treasuring and developing for the past century and a half, always with deep-rooted excellence at the core of its ethos.

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