Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 1/4/24

Hello and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard-inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Changing the Rules: Hoopes Trial Could Upset Decades of Zoning & Winery Permits in Napa Valley
Oh, the fine points of law.

Why Wine Needs More Seducers and Fewer Educators
Hardly an either-or.

What’s the next big thing in Italian fine wine?
Some of them newer than others to collectors.

Spray coating for grapes shows promise in battle between wildfire smoke and wine
Smokescreen for grapes might be a thing.

We Asked Sommeliers: What Makes a Perfect Wine Bar?
Point of view.

Max Allen reviews the cult wine created by former bankers
Sato wines.

Faro Out—from Under Etna’s Shadow
Faro is some good stuff.

The challenges of making low/no alcohol wine
Like fat, alcohol is flavor.

Sommeliers share BYOB tips and etiquette
How to do it right (in the UK).

Why Falanghina Is Winning Over Winemakers
Tasty stuff!

How the Smell of a Barnyard Is Roiling the Wine World
Not that it’s anything new.

Why Reduction in Wine Bottle Weight Is the Quickest Way To Offset Wine’s Carbon Footprint
Men’s Journal weighs in.

In Praise Of Wine Elitism
Expertise is not the same as elitism.

Regenerative Certifications Are Booming Right Now. Are They Worth It?
“Worth” is not quite the word I’d use.

‘It’s the Wild West for regenerative viticulture right now’
Not quite the phrase I would use, either.

This Valentine’s Day, Say It With Wine
Eric Asimov really IS sweet.

Why Wine Businesses Are Investing in Influencer Partnerships
Because they think they work.

The Flaw That Prematurely Killed Some of the World’s Finest White Wines
The tale of Premox.

Oregon: The Wine Collector’s New Darling
Priced out of Burgundy?

Can A.I. Solve the Wine Industry’s Woes?
Ignore the title.

How a ‘write-off’ vintage spawned these top sparkling wines
Tasmanian fizz.

Italy’s Wine Women Celebrate the Matriarchy

Trial between Napa County, Hoopes winery begins
It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

Q&8: Bertrand Cristau of Xiaoling Estate
Wine from Shangri-la.

What happens when a wine expert doesn’t want to drink?
Is it really that complicated?

Devil’s Advocate: Is There Still a New World or Old World When It Comes to Wine?
Like most things, only in your head.

Bordeaux négociant allegedly investigated for wine smuggling in China
Trying to get around those taxes.

2024 Opening Keynote, by Andrew Jefford
The man has a way with words, don’t he?

5 Things We Learned in January 2024
It’s been a fruitful month for Areni.

Setting the Right Pace
R.H. Drexel spends an afternoon with McPrice Meyers.

How sake is finding a home in New York
Jim Clarke investigates.

‘Emergency’ €80m promised to French winegrowers amid farmer protests
Trying to stop the bleeding, and the riots.

This company controls much of the alcohol industry. Can a lawsuit and the feds break its grip?
We shall see.

Let down by lungs
Jancis on the ropes.

How Does Alcohol Affect the Gut Microbiome?
There’s some good news in here for wine.

Devil’s Advocate: Why I’m Looking Forward to ´Wine Goes Tech`
Sounds like a very interesting conference.

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