Alta Langa wines: 18 top Piedmontese sparklings to try

Alta Langa wines
Opening a bottle of Cocchi’s Alta Langa.

Sempre più in alto! ‘Higher and higher!’

In times of climate change and global warming, it seems that Italian winemakers have implemented the slogan of the historic television advertisement for Bocchino grappa, fuelling the idea that viticulture no longer has any other choice other than to take refuge on high ground or even in the mountains.

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It could be said that Piedmontese producers who, in the 1990s launched the project of the sparkling wine ‘Alta Langa’ on the high southern hills of the region, saw this in the crystal ball. The experiment boasted firm roots: although wine enthusiasts associate Piedmont with great reds, we must not forget that the saga of Italian sparkling wine began in this land in the mid-19th century.