Eurocave – Cradling your life’s wine treasures

Good wine is something to celebrate but as any wine lover knows, good wine just gets better with age, so proper storage is vitally important. Keeping wine in a higgledy-piggledy heap in the corner of a garage or squeezed next to the shoe rack under the stairs just won’t do. It won’t give the wine the chance to mellow and develop to its true potential. The truth is that a modern ‘wine cellar’ is not merely a storage space – it is a library of liquid pleasures that you wish to share with wine-appreciating family and friends, and which is precisely why your wine should take pride of place in your home.

That’s where EuroCave comes in. They are experts in the art of combining beauty, quality and authenticity, when it comes to home-friendly wine conservation. Offering gold standard wine storage for almost half a century, they continue to meet the changing demands of wine lovers – and wine businesses – around the world. French design and flair Made in France with Origine France Garantie – a formal guarantee of origin and traceability – EuroCave offers wine lovers, collectors, wine business owners and hospitality venues the ultimate in wine storage design, usability and aesthetics.

With EuroCave’s state-of-the-art range of wine storage options, your wine collection will have never looked so good. EuroCave cabinets offer optimal storage conditions and the assurance that when you come to drink wines from your precious collection, they will be in perfect drinking condition. Combining the finest craftsmanship and industrial savoir-faire, EuroCave offers lots of different types of wine cabinet, so that there’s one to suit every wine storage need – whether it’s for ageing, for service or multi-use. The variety and flexibility of available options may surprise you. ‘One size fits all’ is certainly not their motto.

Your wines, your choice

Capable of holding anything from 29 to 289 bottles, each cabinet is specially designed to meet your specific needs and can grow as your wine collection does. Choose the size, capacity, racks and finish to suit you. EuroCave cabinets can be made to adapt to any layout and space constraints. Whether stand-alone, flush-fitted or built-in, EuroCave wine cabinets can take pride of place in your home. They can become a feature within your dining or living space, for example, enhancing your enjoyment of your wines with their accessibility and elegant appearance.

A EuroCave wine cabinet doesn’t simply fulfil a storage function, its aesthetic quality makes it a constant source of pleasure for any wine lover. Fluid lines, elegant transparency and warm lighting allow the wine cabinets to harmonise perfectly into your interiors and enhance the ambience of a room in an understated way.

The five essentials

To store your wine correctly, there are five essential criteria to consider: consistent temperature and humidity, protection from UV rays and vibrations, and air quality. EuroCave’s mastery of these variables – a product of more than four decades of research, testing and innovation – is your guarantee of a perfect wine storage environment. From the company’s production site, comprising more than 5,000m2 of dedicated workshops in Fourmies, northern France, EuroCave designs, manufactures and assembles all of its units by hand.

Door handles that are made from glass or stainless steel, or can be removable, combined with touch control sensors and digital displays, are easy to use and remain aesthetically pleasing. EuroCave also takes special care to ensure that the operating sound level of its wine cabinets is as unobtrusive as possible. You can even opt for Eurocave’s ‘Main du Sommelier’ individual bottle supports, which give optimum protection against vibration and air circulation to all bottle types because nobody’s collection is made up of Bordeaux bottles alone.

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Eurocave – Cradling your life’s wine treasures Eurocave – Cradling your life’s wine treasures *Eurocave – Cradling your life’s wine treasures