Walls: Rasteau 2020 in bottle

Rasteau 2020
Domaine des Escaravailles, Rasteau.

If you’re looking for punchy, muscular Grenache, look no further than Rasteau. It’s a wild terroir with an abiding heat haze that only rarely struggles to ripen its crop.

A series of scorching vintages in the southern Rhône however have occasionally pushed some wines from handsomely well-built to something you’d see on the cover of Iron Man magazine.

That’s no bad thing if you’re looking for wines that are shredded, jacked or swole. But if you’re looking for balanced, drinkable bottles that are versatile with food – not so much.

Thankfully the 2020 vintage manages to find a sweet spot between ripeness and freshness, intensity and approachability – making it one of the most appealing vintages here in recent times.

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Walls: Rasteau 2020 in bottle Walls: Rasteau 2020 in bottle *Walls: Rasteau 2020 in bottle