Daily Wine News: Beauty of the Unknown

In Club Oenologique, Nina Caplan argues that wine should be more about conversation and enjoyment than correct answers or superior tastes. “Making wine is science. Drinking it is not. The amount of time a given wine has spent in a barrel is an unalterable fact, my ability to detect that oak is a skill, but my judgement on whether that oak is well integrated and how good the result tastes is entirely subjective. Confusing facts with opinions is not, unfortunately, restricted to the wine world, but a social activity such as wine tasting that revolves around a very complicated technical process may be especially ripe for misunderstanding. This, surely, is why a liquid that is both a chemical and a metaphysical source of happiness ends up causing so many arguments.”

Patrick J. Comiskey delves into the muddled heritage surrounding Cabernet Pfeffer in Wine & Spirits Magazine.

Despite falling sales and challenges from other regions, Champagne plans to make the 2023 vintage even bigger, reports Caroline Henry in Wine-Searcher.

In the Buyer, Janet Harrison shares highlights from a recent trip to Brazilian wine country.

Danielle Callegari explores Sangiovese from Lake County, California in Wine Enthusiast.

Chilled red wine is the drink of the summer, says Kate Dingwall in InsideHook.

Fittingly, VinePair offers a visual guide to the chillable, light-bodied reds of Spain.

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Daily Wine News: Beauty of the Unknown Daily Wine News: Beauty of the Unknown *Daily Wine News: Beauty of the Unknown