Daily Wine News: Classism in Wine

Barbera cluster.

Jeremy Parzen urges you to stop calling Barbera the “wine of the people” on his Do Bianchi blog. “Let’s put it this way, if Barbera were in fact the “wine of the people,” are other wines reserved, intended, or conceived exclusively for nobility and the managerial classes? If that were the case, shouldn’t the classist-minded among us call it the “wine of the proletariat”?Joking aside, haven’t we outgrown this caste-driven view of the wine world?”

“Across the world, I’ve watched technology and the ease of sharing knowledge change the face of wine. I’ve heard many times from producers throughout regions of both Italy and the United States that today, it’s easy to make a good wine, just difficult to make a great one. When considering this and the rise in the quality we have all witnessed around the globe, I must question: Why does Southern Italy still lag?” In Vinous, Eric Guido offers his thoughts on the wines of Southern Italy.

In the Drinks Business, Ron Emler explores the phenomenon of “greenhushing” in the beverage industry. “This is a practice in which companies keep their environmental goals under wraps for fear of a public backlash as corporate America becomes more deeply embroiled in a war over climate change.”

Vino Farms, one of the largest vineyard management firms in Sonoma County, will pay $1.4 million to settle a lawsuit over worker pay and breaks. Jeremy Hay has the details in the Press Democrat.

In Wine Spectator, James Molesworth looks at how Larkmead Vineyards winemaker Avery Heelan is building on her predecessors’ solid Napa Cabernet foundation.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jess Lander reports on Honig Winery’s decision to stop using foil capsules on its wine, and its cheeky marketing campaign about “going topless.”

In Imbibe, Katrina Yentch explores summer wines tailor-made for the outdoors.

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Daily Wine News: Classism in Wine Daily Wine News: Classism in Wine *Daily Wine News: Classism in Wine