Daily Wine News: A Fresh Look at French Wine

The New French Wine by Jon Bonné.

In the New York Times, Eric Asimov profiles Jon Bonné and his new book, The New French Wine: Redefining the World’s Greatest Wine Culture. “It’s not a reference book, but something better: an opinionated, thought-provoking work that uses wine as a vehicle for cultural history. The best way to understand French wine, in Mr. Bonné’s view, is not by examining the nuts and bolts of wine production or by encyclopedically assessing producers. It’s by understanding the historical, cultural and economic forces driving decision-making, not just in wine but the country. He comes at this from the proverbial view at 30,000 feet and with his boots on the ground.”

In Wine-Searcher, Barnaby Eales reports on recents calls to allow water additions to wine in Europe. “It is known in France as un secret de Polichinelle – an open secret. Producers in Southern Europe know water addition to must goes on, but few want to admit to using what remains a taboo practice. Unlike in the US, where watering musts to facilitate fermentation is permitted, the procedure remains prohibited in the European Union, other than for dissolving food additives and processing aids including bentonite…But now in the climate crisis, calls are growing in southern France for the legalization of watering to reduce alcohol levels and prevent stuck primary fermentations.”

Justin Keay explores “the delights” of Valle d’Aosta wine in the Buyer.

In Club Oenologique, Henry Jeffreys examines the ways in which Armagnac is finding itself in the public eye once again.

In Decanter, Jessie Dupuy highlights the cool wines of California’s Santa Rita Hills.

Jancis Robinson shares her recommendations for summer wines.

In Grape Collective, Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher explore Washington wine, Riesling, and the impact of other fires and climate events on the winegrowing state.

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Daily Wine News: A Fresh Look at French Wine Daily Wine News: A Fresh Look at French Wine *Daily Wine News: A Fresh Look at French Wine