Daily Wine News: Profit-Sharing

In Ambrook Research, Sara Ventiera looks at how profit-sharing is taking root in the wine industry. “Well-executed profit-shares are helping wineries solve major crises including labor shortages, rising costs, critiques of exploitative working conditions, and cost-of-living issues faced by workers earning meager salaries in some of the most expensive places to live in the United States.”

In the Atlantic, Emily Oster on what all the “is wine healthy” studies get wrong. “If you do not enjoy, or actively dislike, alcohol, then the abstinence standard might be the right one for you. But many people do enjoy a drink from time to time: a beer with friends, a cold glass of rosé in the summer, a hot toddy in front of the fire, even just a glass of white wine while cooking at the end of a long day. If we accept that pleasure has value, and that the data are muddy, then the moderation standard makes more sense.”

With a focus on small production and minimal intervention techniques, Slovenian producers are writing a new chapter in the country’s wine story, writes Lauren Mowery in SevenFifty Daily.

Some of the top companies in California wine are intergenerational concerns. How do these families manage to pass the torch gracefully, and what can we expect from the next generation? Lettie Teague explores succession in the wine industry in the Wall Street Journal.

In TRINK, Nicole Wolbers explores the potential of bottle-aged Rieslingsekt.

Alessio Perrone looks at what climate change means for Piedmont’s iconic Barbera wines in Wine Enthusiast.

In National Geographic, Sarah Gillespie offers a guide to Czech wine country.

Despite strict alcohol laws, Utah wine is finding its footing, says Rebecca Treon in Wine Enthusiast.

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Daily Wine News: Profit-Sharing Daily Wine News: Profit-Sharing *Daily Wine News: Profit-Sharing