Daily Wine News: Pét-Nat Bust

Bottles of pét-nat.

Has pét-nat jumped the shark? In PUNCH, Megan Krigbaum explores how the category went from niche party wine to full-on brand. “In the mad dash to assimilate pét-nat, plenty of other outstanding sparkling wine was pushed to the side. Pét-nat the brand may have paved the way for everyday sparkling wine appreciation, but it also flooded the zone…One undeniable pitfall with pét-nats is that if there are any flaws, the bubbles make those flaws all the more apparent.”

In the New Wine Review, Virginie Boone looks at what makes Cathy Corison such a beloved winemaker. “This story is about how Corison knew precisely what she wanted to do, then did pretty much exactly that for her entire career as the world of fine wine changed dramatically around her.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Marshall Tilden III explains how to determine a wine’s QPR and why it matters. “QPR is certainly subjective. One person’s assessment of quality may be widely different from another’s. However, there’s no question that evaluating a wine’s QPR can help you make more educated decisions about which wines to buy and enjoy.”

Vicki Denig offers some tips for finding value in high-demand regions in Wine-Searcher. “As prices for entry-level wines from Burgundy, Piedmont, and other in-demand areas soar higher than ever before, finding value within said places – or budget-friendly alternatives to “replace” them altogether – has become increasingly necessary, from the importing side of business all the way down to the consumer level both on and off-premise.”

Soaring demand for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc allowed the country’s wine producers to increase exports by 25% in the past year, reports Martin Green in Decanter.

VinePair shares its list for the best Sauvignon Blancs to try this year.

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Daily Wine News: Pét-Nat Bust Daily Wine News: Pét-Nat Bust *Daily Wine News: Pét-Nat Bust