Daily Wine News: Contour Farming

Contour farmed vineyards.

In SevenFifty Daily, Danielle Beurteaux on why the agricultural technique called contour farming is taking off in vineyards. “Contour farming is an old agricultural method that is finding favor in vineyards as part of new sustainability programs that aim to combat the growing effects of climate change. As a nature-based and regenerative agriculture approach, contouring is a sustainable tool to manage water and erosion, but it’s not suitable everywhere. To contour or not to contour? Some vineyard managers are seeking an answer.”

“The current presidential administration issued an executive order to promote economic competition two summers ago called Promoting Competition in the American Economy. In response to it, the Alcohol and Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) released a 64-page report entitled Competition in the Markets for Beer, Wine, and Spirits in February 2022, detailing how the drinks market functions on a legal level and how the TTB interacts with other government agencies,” reports Liza B. Zimmerman in Wine-Searcher. “Many of the responders, a good portion of whom remained anonymous, noted that the drinks industry did not need more – and actually probably warranted – less regulations.”

In the New York Times, Alex Halberstady profiles Maggie Harrison of Antica Terra in the Willamette Valley. “Harrison makes some of the most-sought-after wines in the country, and even Michelin-starred restaurants like the French Laundry and Gramercy Tavern have to work to secure an allocation. At the moment, consumers who want to buy from Antica Terra join a two-year wait-list…Harrison’s techniques seem, on the surface, to be the antithesis of terroir. When my friend told me that Harrison had “declared war on wine,” this is what he meant.”

In Bloomberg, Elin McCoy offers her picks for the best rosés to drink this summer.

Stephen Brook checks in on the 2013 Bordeaux vintage in Decanter.

In VinePair, Shayna Conde profiles Ikimi Dubose-Woodson, CEO of The Roots Fund.

In Wine Enthusiast, Arielle Weg highlights sparkling rosés for every budget.

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Daily Wine News: Contour Farming Daily Wine News: Contour Farming *Daily Wine News: Contour Farming