Daily Wine News: Bordeaux Tourism

Place de la bourse in Bordeaux. (Wikimedia)

Two decades ago, Bordeaux vineyards were virtually closed to tourism; now, it’s one of the world’s premier wine destinations. Roger Morris looks at what’s changed in SevenFifty Daily. “As wineries at all levels began tapping into the tourism business, smaller wine regions and lesser-known estates, like Hourtin-Ducasse, began innovating to create offerings to compete with the big players, whether in terms of affordability or novelty. Now there are a whole range of wine experiences at every price point, and plenty of rental cars, bikes, and tour guides to access them.”

“On Wednesday, the Land Trust of Napa County finalized the purchase of Walt Ranch from its previous owners, who endured a relentless, 17-year battle against environmental groups in order to plant a vineyard in Napa’s rural Eastern Hills.” Jess Lander has the details in the San Francisco Chronicle.

In TRINK, Sara Emilia Nässén explores the producers moving in a regenerative viticulture direction in Alto Adige.

In the Wall Street Journal, Lettie Teague highlights the Fleurie wines of Beaujolais, which may soon gain premier cru status.

In Wine Enthusiast, John Capone says it’s time to stop being afraid of sulfur in wine. “When used responsibly, in minuscule parts per million (ppm), the average person should never be affected—except that they may be aware of a noticeable lack of VA or mousiness. If you’ve ever nosed into a glass of natty wine you were looking forward to drinking, only to be greeted with a wretched and unmistakable stink that makes the wet sock of cork taint seem like a field of flowers, then you might agree that sulfur is not a sign of Satan.”

Davide Bortone explores Sicily’s grape renaissance in Wine-Searcher.

David Williams ponders the 2021 Vintage Ports in the World of Fine Wine.

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