Barbaresco 2020: Vintage report & 50 wines tasted

Clear skies, crystal-clear rivers and clean air: the 2020 vintage started while the world was in lockdown. Going to work in the vineyards was one of the few permissible activities at the time (lucky vignaioli!).

The most genuine producers confess to having taken extraordinarily good care of their vines during the Covid pandemic like never before. No fairs, no visiting importers, no tastings.

Barbaresco wines from 2020 emerged as graceful with unexpected, sweet tannins.

Scroll down to see tasting notes and scores for the top Barbaresco 2020 wines

Barbaresco 2020 vintage rating: 4/5

‘Given its more approachable style, it is not likely to be a favourite vintage among classic Barbaresco lovers… But in the best examples there is volume, lushness and balance’

Barbaresco 2020: Vintage report & 50 wines tasted  
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