St-Emilion 2020 in bottle: overview plus top-scoring wines

St-Emilion 2020
Château Pavie.

A large number of extremely good quality and exciting wines from St-Emilion in 2020 from estates on water-retaining soils that gave enough nourishment to the vines at critical times. The best are extremely aromatic with floral and ripe fruit scents, richly concentrated and deep cores with silky smooth, well-integrated tannins.

The less successful wines however show austerity, tightness and lean harsh tannins and / or extremely high alcohols with some above 15% and even 15.5% ABV.  Harvesting at the right time and careful extraction were key here in 2020.

Scroll down to see tasting notes and scores for the top St-Emilion 2020 in-bottle wines

Average yields in St-Emilion in 2002 were 36.7hl/ha, lower than 2018 at 39.7hl/ha and 2019 at 43hl/ha with a 10-year-average of 39.1hl/ha.

St-Emilion 2020 in bottle: overview plus top-scoring wines  
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