Dominio de la Vega – Towards truth and simplicity

Winemaker Daniel Expósito

Animated by a cross-generational energy, Dominio de La Vega builds upon experience and tradition while driven by the constant will to innovate. The company has invested tremendously in research and development, contributing not only to the increasing quality of its wines but to the pool of resources available to all of the region’s stakeholders. With a growing focus on sustainability, the wines of Dominio de La Vega combine a classic poise with a modern texture, that is in fact very evocative of tradition.

Rooted in the land

Dominio de La Vega was founded in 2001 by a group of families, all dedicated to winegrowing. With a unique, combined knowledge of the land of Utiel-Requena, they decided to start a project that could focus on quality by leveraging their experience and intimacy with the region’s terroirs and its flagship grape. Dominio de La Vega would then quickly come to the forefront of research and understanding of Bobal, a focused, quiet and determined effort whose importance was not immediately recognised but is now seen as an invaluable contribution to the region.

Indeed, Dominio de La Vega produces some of the most traditional, benchmark examples of age-worthy Bobal – namely Paraje Tornel and Finca La Beata (see tastings notes below) – from equally prized, centennial plots located in La Muela. They form part of a collection of vineyards, located in the different terroirs of La Vega, El Pinarejo, la Muela and Losilla, selected not only for the quality of the fruit they yield but also for their singular characteristics.

The winemaking approach at Dominio de La Vega is inextricably linked to the viticultural work; each wine is a product of a careful interpretation of each terroir and of how each vine responds to it. The producer is in fact part of a project, alongside six other producers of Utiel-Requena, focused on the phenolic analysis of Bobal wines hailing from different terroirs. This is but one of many research initiatives Dominio de La Vega has been or is involved in, in areas ranging from climate change mitigation to market analysis.

Essence and simplicity

Underlying all of Dominio de la Vega’s research and innovation efforts is a commitment to holistic sustainability. The company is implementing strategies to improve its performance across all operational sectors with only one thing in mind: a sustainable future.

The new range of organic certified wines already brings all these new elements together. In partnership with designer Inma Bermúdez, the labels have been stripped of any unnecessary elements, reducing ink (of a single colour and water-based) and paper use. The collection is packaged in low-weight bottles and all unnecessary packaging elements (such as foil capsules, replaced by a biodegradable seal) have been eliminated.

The wines themselves stand out for their purity, unpretentious complexity and textural appeal. Named after people that have been important for the history of Dominio de La Vega, they also serve as a living tribute to those whose effort is in each bottle.

Dominio de La Vega’s core philosophy still rests upon the same values that inspired its foundation: simplicity, humility,  experience, effort and perseverance. The team, led by award-winning winemaker Daniel Expósito, share a common, simple goal: producing authentic and expressive wines, crafted with care, without ever rushing or ever cutting corners, in order to fully express the essence of each vineyard. Underscoring it all is a deep respect for the land and all those who labour it today and have laboured in the past.

Three Dominio de La Vega wines to know:

Tasted and reviewed by the Decanter team

Blanco de Maria, 2021
Alc 12.5%; 90% Macabeo, 10% Sauvignon Blanc
An expressive blend, with Macabeo’s intense orchard fruit balanced by the crisp herbal aspects of Sauvignon Blanc. Elegant and expressive, with appealing texture – smooth but with subtle grip – and a refreshing mineral…

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Dominio de la Vega – Towards truth and simplicity  
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