Daily Wine News: Looking Inward

“Some aspire to make the best wines in their region; others, the country or the world. But for me, the most enlightened approach is simply to try to make the best possible wine from the place where the grapes are grown. This might sound like the least ambitious path, but it’s the most demanding one of all, requiring a strong set of beliefs. My favorite wine producers look inward, not outward. They ask themselves, “How can I do my utmost to convey the character of this particular patch of earth?” And they often conclude: “I’m going to make the wines that I like to drink. If nobody buys them, I’ll drink them myself.’” Eric Asimov on the beauty of small wine producers in the New York Times.

In Wine Spectator, Mitch Frank continues the ongoing reporting on the fallout from SVB’s collapse. “When the bank went under, winemakers with accounts there suddenly found their SVB credit cards no longer worked, their checks would no longer clear and the bank’s app wouldn’t even let them log on…Most people started breathing again on Sunday night, as the federal government announced that bank customers’ deposits would be completely covered, even funds over $250,000, which is usually the limit to FDIC coverage. They were able to begin withdrawing their money Monday morning. The Feds are actively looking for a bank or banks to buy SVB’s assets and take over its operations. But the panic is not completely over, and for the wine industry, SVB’s collapse brings both short and long-term concerns.”

In SevenFifty Daily, Danielle Beurtreaux reports on an analytical framework known as Vineyard Geological Identity, which aims to identify the link between a vine’s physical environment and the resulting wine.

In VinePair, Adam Teeter explores Napa’s nightlife problem. “A fine-wine region will inherently attract those with massive wealth, and that wealth means fewer places for younger people to live. The valley has become a place for wealthy retirees and families of means. The problem is, these populations don’t go out all that much. If you don’t have a larger young population, you really can’t have a booming nightlife.”

According to the Drinks Business, bulk wine imports saw the biggest volume rise of any category in the US last year, up 10.2%.

In Club Oenologique, Adam Lechmere talks to Olivier Krug about soundtracked wine flights, and other intersections of wine and music.

On JancisRobinson.com, Alder Yarrow explores the Mokelumne Glen Vineyard, “California’s geekiest vineyard.”

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