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Normandy walk

With the crocus already emerging and a subtle smell of spring in the air, it’s time to start thinking of booking some much deserved holidays. It’s never been  more important to make sure holidays offer meaningful experiences that allow for a true connection with the places visited and one’s travel companions.

Taking it the slow way with walking and cycling holidays, is the perfect way to create a memorable, meaningful getaway and Headwater Holidays offer the perfect solution.

Mobile concierge

With a team of dedicated travel experts, Headwater has become the leading provider of walking and cycling holidays, curating a range of tours and experiences that place the traveller at the centre of everything. Founded in 1985, Headwater has spent the last three decades discovering the best routes and designing unique itineraries that meet a variety of interests, not least wine tasting. These are anchored by stops at hand-picked, local-favourite hotels and restaurants and by the personalised service that has become Headwater’s signature.

Headwater supports travellers from the moment they start considering a walking or cycling holiday to the day of their return. The team provides advice, guidance and recommendations on which route to select, and goes on to take care of all details from the moment a tour is booked. These include luggage transfers, in-depth route plans, navigation apps and tailored add-ons, such as city and/or coastal breaks, e-bikes or visit to wine producers.

Think of Headwater as your mobile concierge.

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Tonnara di Scopello, Sicily

Not just a holiday

Headwater gives travellers the opportunity to engage in memorable experiences that will become much more than a simple holiday: they will be journeys of discovery and wander; active and purposeful getaways that will be equally stimulating for the body, the mind and the soul.

The tours place the travellers at the centre of everything, allowing them to savour every step of the way. They are an invitation for all those looking for a sophisticated adventure and a genuine connection with the people and places they visit. Each itinerary is designed to activate the senses and allow a full immersion in a region’s culture and landscape, with the confidence of itineraries built upon hard-earned insider’s knowledge. From places of historical interest to local restaurants by way of the best views and boutique accommodations, each route is a narrative with carefully written chapters. Headwater guides travellers, revealing the hidden gems, the path less trodden, the most authentic cuisine, the most talented craftsmen… It’s all about allowing discovery through the magic of wandering, pedalling and full engagement. A way to travel with purpose and meaning.

Pedal, walk, wander, become

Whether looking for a cycling or walking holiday the possibilities are endless – different paces for the same sense of wonder.

Exploring places on two wheels – which has long been a favourite among wine lovers wanting to truly discover a region’s landscape – allows for a wider breadth. These are itineraries to go further and faster, expanding the spectrum of possibilities within a specific time frame.

Particularly appealing when immersing oneself in a wine region, cycling routes make it possible to cover multiple sub-regions and visit a larger number of producers. The meticulous turn-by-turn directions provided by Headwater through audio navigation created for each itinerary, allow for a stress-free exploration, focused solely on the cinematic pleasure of the road.

Travelling on foot, on the other hand, is the best way to soak up the scenery, becoming one with the sounds, scents and textures of the world’s most wonderful places. It’s an experience of…

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