The Definitive List of Black-Owned Wineries Around the Globe

It has been amazing to watch the shift in wine news coverage in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter movement. Quite suddenly, there has been a marked increase in visibility for black-owned wineries and BIPOC wine professionals in the industry. Such coverage is overdue, and even with this increase in coverage, there’s a lot of work to be done to ensure balance and diversity in wine media representation.

I have found myself frequently frustrated, though, in looking at the coverage of black-owned wineries, because the articles that highlight them are all some variation of “Ten Black-Owned Wineries You Need to Know” or “8 Black-Owned Wines to Fall In Love With Right Now” when there are quite literally hundreds of them around the world.

Now I know we live in the era of sound-bite journalism, and no editor of Vogue is going to let one of their writers list 150 wineries in an article about black vintners, but it seems a shame that all most people can muster is a handful of names.

The membership rolls of the African American Vintners Society themselves fall short in cataloging the full extent of black-owned wineries in America. Gabrielle Nicole Pharms, writing for Oprah Online, made a valiant attempt to make an extensive list, as have others, but as far as I can tell, they are all missing a lot of wineries.

So, in conjunction with Black History Month, I’m setting out here to make the most definitive list of black-owned wineries on the Internet. I’m sure my list is incomplete as well, but with your help and suggestions, maybe I can get it closer. Please use the comments below or the contact form to let me know who I might be missing.

If that photo up top seems familiar, there’s a reason for it.

American Black-Owned Wineries

23 Wines
Abbey Creek Vineyard
Alexis George
Amoy Wines
Acquiesce Vineyards
Ayaba Wines
Baker Family Wines
Bass Notes Sangria
Black Excellence Wine Co.
Black Fire Winery
Blount Wine Therapy
Bodkin Wines
Bon Winery
Bowman Vineyards
Braymar Wines
Brown Estate
CAMINS2DREAMS (Indigenous-Owned)
Center Cork Wines
Charles Wine Company
Charles Woodson Intercept
Cheramie Wine
Chosen Family Wines
Corner 103
Coronado Vineyards
Curvy Betty Wines
Darjean Jones Wines
Davidson Wine Co.
Davine Wines
Domaine Curry
Dotson-Cervantes Wines
Earl Stevens Selections
ENAT Winery
El Vino
Esrever Wines
Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein Winery
Fifty Leven
FLO Wine
Flowers Family Vineyard
Fog Crest Vineyard
Free Range Flower Winery
Frichette Winery
Generational Wealth Wines
Geselle Wine
Gotham Winery
The Guilty Grape
Hemmer Vineyards
Housley Napa Valley
Ikavina Wines
Indigené Cellars
Intercept Wines
Jenny Dawn Cellars
J Moss Wines
K Rosé Wine
KT Wines
Kai Simone
Kala Winery
Lashelle Winery
L’Objet Wines
Longevity Wines
Le Loup Gris
Love Cork Screw Wines
Lovelee Wine
L’Tonya Renee
LVE Wines
Maison Noir Wines
Mark & Val Wines
McBride Sisters Collection
Meadows Estate Vineyard & Winery
Mela Vino
Mellowood Vineyard
McClain Cellars
Michael Lavelle Wines
Michael Rose Cellars
Mitchell & Mitchell Wines
MYX Fusions
Oceano Wines
Okapi Wines
Olé Orleans Wines
P. Harrell Wines
Philosophy Winery
The Pour Up
Quartz Rock Vineyard
RD Winery
The Roché Collection
Sasy Wines
Seven Springs Farm & Vineyard
SHE Wines
Shoe Crazy Wine
Simply Love Wines
Sip and Share Wines
Sosabe Cellars
Stoney Wines
Stover Oaks Vineyard & Winery
Sweet Vines Farm
Taste Collection Cellars
Theopolis Vineyards
Thomas T Thomas Vineyards
Tilford Winery
Tympany Vineyards
Twenty Ten Wines
Uncorqued Selections
The Vice Wine
Vina Sympatica
Virgo Cellars
Vision Cellars
Wandering Wines
Wachira Wines
Wade Cellars
Wine Spencer
Zafa Wines

South African Black-Owned Wineries

Amile Wines
Anazi Wines
Birthmark of Africa
Bonnievale Wines
Brothers in Vines
Brunia Wines
Botébo Wines
Buya Wine
Cape Dreams/Croft Sales
Carmen Stevens Wines
CJ Family Wines
De Ladegourdie Wines
Delisa Wines
Epicurean Wine
House of Mandela
J9 Wines
Jan Harmsgat
Khayelitsha’s Finest…

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The Definitive List of Black-Owned Wineries Around the Globe  
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