Walls’ hidden gems: Domaine Garon, Côte-Rôtie

Domaine Garon
The Garon family of Domaine Garon.

Warhol. Turner. Dali. If I showed you some of their most famous works, could you identify the artist? Even for those who rarely visit art galleries, I suspect the answer would be yes.

Wine, however, is different. Could you reliably name great winemakers just by tasting their wines? Not impossible; but even for the most dedicated wine lover, not always easy.

Sure, there are some winemakers with a style that’s so distinctive that their wines are unmistakable. In this group, I’d include the wines of Emmanuel Reynaud of Château Rayas, Chateau Musar or Jacques Selosse.

Scroll down to see tasting notes and scores for 10 Domaine Garon wines

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