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Daily Wine News: Island Wines

(Flickr: Lazy_Artist) Vineyards on Pantelleria, Madeira, and Santorini boast centuries of winemaking heritage, but mass tourism and the modernization of society are putting their survival at risk. In SevenFifty Daily, Jacopo Mazzeo considers the uncertain future of island wines in SevenFifty Daily. “With mass tourism booming and younger generations unlikely to rediscover their love for manual labor anytime soon, these …

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The sommelier suggests…Mourvèdre/Mataro/ Monastrell by Louella Mathews

One of Australia’s most renowned sommeliers, Louella Mathews is currently group sommelier of Trippas White Group, and has previous experience in fine-dining institutions such as Rockpool 1989 and Rockpool Bar & Grill. She is also a wine consultant, writer, judge, event host and influencer (@louthesomm). Mathews won the Australia’s Wine List of the Year 2020 Sommeliers’ Choice Award (for bibo …

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Walls’ hidden gems: Domaine Garon, Côte-Rôtie

The Garon family of Domaine Garon. Warhol. Turner. Dali. If I showed you some of their most famous works, could you identify the artist? Even for those who rarely visit art galleries, I suspect the answer would be yes. Wine, however, is different. Could you reliably name great winemakers just by tasting their wines? Not impossible; but even for the …

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