Furmint February: 15 award-winning wines to try

DWWA top Furmint wines

Primarily grown in Hungary, Furmint is the key grape variety for deliciously sweet Tokaji, but has proven itself a versatile variety to watch in Hungary and beyond.

As wine expert and Decanter World Wine Awards Regional Chair for North, Central and Eastern Europe Caroline Gilby MW explains, ‘over recent years Furmint has quietly been building a reputation as a variety to watch: with multiple claims for joining the ranks of great white grapes.

‘Incredibly versatile, it has some similarities to Riesling – able to go from bone dry, crisp and vibrant all the way to intensely sweet, though always with its hallmark steely acidity.’

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Darrel Joseph, joint Regional Chair alongside Caroline at the 2022 competition, adds that Furmint is a grape variety ‘not to be missed.’ He continues, ‘although it is traditionally used as a prime component of sweet, luscious Tokaji Aszú, it has gained impressive momentum also as a single varietal dry wine.’

The flagship grape variety of Hungary, quality versions of Furmint can also be found in neighbouring Croatia and Slovenia, where it is known as Šipon.

To celebrate Furmint February and draw attention to this worthy grape variety, below we highlight a selection of award-winning dry wines from the 2022 Decanter World Wine Awards worth discovering…

Furmint February: 15 award-winning wines to try


Kreinbacher, Prestige Brut NV

Gold, 96 points
A complex and developed aroma, leading with rich toasty biscuits and nuts, then opening into fresh, ripe lemons. The palate shows vibrancy and offers flavours of fresh apple and quince. The palate is well-structured, with a juicy lemon acidity and a nice mousse. Alc 12%

St. Andrea, Mária, Eger 2018

Silver, 92 points
A big wine, with a very oaky, toast character. Apples, pear, and white peach underneath the oak, with a flinty/gun powder finish. Alc 13.5%

Juliet Victor, Szent Tamás, Tokaj 2019

Silver, 91 points
Quince and pears with wildflowers and some volcanic mineral notes. Well-judged oak joins on the palate supported with racy acidity. Alc 13%

Sauska, Birsalmás-D?l?, Tokaj 2019

Silver, 91 points
Fresh with lemon, grassiness, vanilla ice cream with lime! Creamy with aromatic fruit flavours. Persistent on the palate, rounded and fresh. Alc 14.5%

Juliet Victor, Úrágya, Tokaj 2019

Silver, 90 points
Well-ripened with buttery apricot and peach with a lovely creamy texture and subtle oak. Alc 13%

Mad, Limited Edition,Tokaj 2018

Silver, 90 points
An interesting wine with floral notes, beeswax, white peach, and apple, with underlying ripe pineapple and apricot. Alc 12%

Royal Tokaji, Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference, Tokaj 2020

Silver, 90 points
Clean and minty with a core of fresh white peach. There’s a flick of ginger spice on the refreshing mineral finish. Alc 12.5%

Steigler, Premium, Sopron, Dunántúl 2020

Silver, 90 points
Quince, red apples, and a note of Pepsi cola with some spice, bacon, and oak notes. A crisp, driven acidity provides energy. Alc 13%


Statera, Šipon, Haloze, Podravje 2021

Silver, 92 points
Attractive custard apple, stone fruit, acacia, and notes of yeasty savouriness. Super fresh yet textured with a stony, mineral finish. Alc 13%

Doppler, Šipon, Štajerska Slovenija, Podravje 2019

Silver, 91 points
Appealingly fresh and lively with well-integrated sweetness. Citrus fruit flavours with a touch of spritz giving lift. Alc 11.9%

Puklavec Family Wines, Ena Dva Tri Sauvignon Blanc-Furmint, Štajerska Slovenija, Podravje 2020

Silver, 90 points
A crisp, crunchy wine with grassy-green bell pepper and nettle notes balanced by sweet quince, Meyer lemon, and jasmine tea. Alc 12%


Vina Horvat, Pušipel , Zagorje – Me?imurje, Continental 2020

Silver, 94 points
Very delicate, complex, floral aroma, with apple juice and lemon. Palate shows quince and nectarine with complexities of pollen and straw. Alc 12%

Cmre?njak, Pušipel Ma?erka Sur…

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