Best of Australia: Top medal-winning wines to try

Blind tasted and rated by the world’s leading wine experts across three stages of judging, medals awarded at the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) are objective merits of quality.

‘Decanter World Wine Awards attracts wines from all over the world and it attracts judges from all over the world. So in that sense it’s quite important’ comments co-chair Michael Hill Smith MW.

He continues, ‘The other point of difference is that DWWA very much has regional specialist judges, so the people who are judging Champagne know a lot about Champagne, the people that are judging Australia know a lot about Australia. So that’s quite different and I think that it gives the competition a real edge.’

Led by joint Regional chairs Huon Hooke and Justin Knock MW, the 2022 competition saw much excitement from the Australia judging panel with Australian wines awarded an impressive 744 medals across all categories including a record haul of 60 Gold medals.

On this, Knock MW comments: ‘The number of wines entered in the D, E and F [price] categories was proportionally very high, giving us a very high calibre of wines to taste and no doubt leading to the strong performance of Australia overall.’

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Re-tasted in second and third rounds of judging to award Platinum and Best in Show, Australian wines saw continued success with 15 Platinum and six Best in Show medals awarded, making Australia the most-awarded New World wine producing nation to place in the competition’s top 50 list.

With the annual Wine Australia tasting in London creating buzz amongst the wine trade and Australia Day this week, we highlight Australia’s highest scoring wines from the 2022 competition, all scoring 97 points.

The best of the best, discover the sparkling, white, red and fortified wines from across the nation that impressed most. It’s no surprise Australia’s reputation for wine quality and diversity continues to grow.

Best of Australia: Top medal-winning wines to try


Arras, Grand Vintage, Tasmania 2009

Platinum, 97 points
A wonderful aged wine, with a rich nose of fresh butter, brioche, smoked cream and toffee. The delicate mousse has a lovely beady feel, with restrained fruit, layered textures and a creaminess on the palate. Citrus, tropical fruit, apricots and dried fruit notes, all balanced by fresh acidity, make for a great finish. Alc 12.6%

Sidewood, Isabella Rosé, Adelaide Hills, South Australia 2015

Platinum, 97 points
A sunset colour, with very rich, mellow aged aromas. The flavours on the palate are soft, rich and multi-dimensional. Strawberry, raspberry, nuts, honey and toast elements add flavour interest. This is a complex wine, with a long and very satisfying finish. Alc 12%


Orlando, Lyndale Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills, South Australia 2019

Best in Show, 97 points
You’ll have no trouble telling our two Antipodean Chardonnay wines in the Best in Show selection apart — which is exactly as it should be, as place-related differences step to the fore in winemakers’ thinking and craft. This wine is more greensilver than gold, and packed with aromatic floral lime, underscored by a swirl of cream from barrel-fermentation. It’s vivid and fresh without being skinny, lean or over-taut — clearly a Chardonnay at ease with its cool climate. Yet the layers are there, too, like exposed sedimentary strata, giving the wine a vertical dimension which will carry it effortlessly through a meal. Alc 13.3%

Tyrrell’s, Vat 1 Semillon, Hunter Valley, New South Wales 2016

Best in Show, 97 points
Those who long for freshness, restraint and petite shapeliness in white wine paired with a bracingly acidic palate shouldn’t confine their search to the northern hemisphere’s high-latitude wines. Australia’s great original, Hunter Valley Semillon, offers just this profile in youth — with the added lure of additional layers of perfume, complexity and character as the cellar…

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Best of Australia: Top medal-winning wines to try  
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