Zerbina Wines: New Italian Selections

Zerbina Wines is a Texas-based negociant  of wines  from Italy and other wine producing countries.   Their wines from Italy are sourced from vineyards in the Veneto, Tuscany, and other regions.  The wines reviewed here are produced in collaboration with winemaker Antonio Fattori of the Società Agricola Fattori in the Veneto.   They are good quality food wines and are offered at highly affordable prices.

Zerbina NV Moscato Pavia ($18) 89+  This Moscato Bianco is light bodied and offers aromas and flavors of citrus, fruit and clove with a hint of sweetness and spritz. It is a pleasant easy drinking wine that would go well with moderately spiced Asian cuisine or can served as a dessert wine with cheese, fruit and nuts.

Zerbina 2021 Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie ($18) 90  This is an attractive Pinot Grigio offering fresh aromas and flavors of green apple. There is good concentration on the palate with a pleasant hint of bitterness. An easy drinking wine that will be enjoyable by the glass and with food, especially cheese, seafood and pasta.

Zerbina NV Prosecco Pieve ($21) 90  The Zerbina Prosecco is a spritzy wine with neutral aromas and flavors produced from the Glera grape. It displays light fruitiness with good acidity and freshness in the mouth with a dry aftertaste. Can be served as an aperitive or with pasta or cheese.

Zerbina 2018 Chianti DOCG ($18) 90   Vinified with 90% Sangiovese and 10% Canaiolo, this Chianti displays a medium ruby color with aromas and flavors or dried dark cherry and a hint of chocolate. It is medium bodied with moderate acidity, dried tannins and a persistent finish. A good pizza wine.
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