Douro red wines: panel tasting results

Douro red wines

Dirceu Vianna Junior MW, Christine Allen and Valentin Radosav tasted 70 wines, with 4 Outstanding and 56 Highly recommended.

Douro reds panel tasting scores

70 wines tasted

Exceptional 0

Outstanding 4

Highly recommended 56

Recommended 10

Commended 0

Fair 0

Poor 0

Entry criteria: producers and UK agents were invited to submit their latest-release Douro valley reds, including single-varietal or blended wines

It’s no secret that the Douro has been making excellent still red wines for years. But what is astonishing is the level of consistency that the region has managed to achieve in recent vintages – and this tasting, which featured wines from a wide range of those vintages, served to confirm this.

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