Daily Wine News: American Négotiants


What does the future look like for American wine négotiants? In SevenFifty Daily, Roger Morris looks at the challenges and benefits of being a négociant in the U.S. “One might think there would be more American négociants, as owning winemaking facilities is optional and thus less capital investment is needed. But sourcing product and getting it in the hands of the producer is highly competitive—with low margins…Still, the négociant system in all its configurations serves an important role for many people who play vastly different roles in the U.S. wine business.”

In Bloomberg, Elin McCoy reports on how little-known or almost extinct varieties are making a comeback as vintners adjust to changing weather.

Layne Randolph explores three ancient Roman grape varieties that are staging a comeback in Wine Enthusiast.

In Wine Spectator, Robert Camuto profiles winemaker Peter Vinding-Diers, who has left his mark from Bordeaux to South America to Hungary. Now, he’s focusing on bush-trained Syrah in the southeastern area of Sicily.

In the New York Times, Eric Asimov highlights great places to drink wine in London.

In the Wall Street Journal, Hannah Selinger asks wine experts about their favorite wine fridges for home.

In New Jersey Monthly, I profile Victoria Reader, founder of a New Jersey organization that aims to boost women in the state’s male-dominated wine industry.

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