Daily Wine News: Sherry-Lehmann’s Ruin


In Wine Spectator, Peter Hellman reflects on “the sad decline” of New York’s Sherry-Lehmann wine stores. “Once arguably the queen of wine shops in America’s biggest wine market, Sherry-Lehmann is facing potential financial ruin. Several leading wholesalers tell Wine Spectator that inventory at the store is low because the company owes money to multiple suppliers, who now refuse to send the store any more wine. The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) has placed the store on a list of retailers who must pay cash on delivery to distributors because of delinquent payments. The company owes back taxes. And several customers have filed lawsuits alleging Sherry-Lehmann failed to deliver Bordeaux wines they bought as futures.” 

In VinePair, Mickey Lyons tackles the misleading marketing behind “low-sugar” wines. “Plenty of wines are naturally low in sugar by their very nature. So, while it’s not untrue to label a bottle of wine as a “low-sugar” product, it’s a misnomer at best and misleading at worst. Instead of labeling one ingredient the villain, it’s more productive to consider how wine is regulated and labeled, and how it is altered.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Aleks Zecevic explores Germany’s booming natural wine scene. “Natural wines are also adding diversity to the overall picture of German wine. Natural winemakers work with historical, but less popular varieties, like Elbling, Dornfelder and Frühburgunder. In some cases, they work with old vines of these varieties..Additionally, natural winemakers are redefining German Riesling as a whole.”

On JancisRobinson.com, Paula Sidore on Austrian wine region Styria’s star grape: Sauvignon Blanc.

Washington producer Va Piano Vineyards has acquired a 21 hectare (52 acre) plot in the Walla Walla Valley for an undisclosed sum, reports Martin Green in Decanter.

In Vinous, Neal Martin provides an overview of Burgundy’s 2021 vintage.

And in the World of Fine Wine, Sarah Marsh offers an overview of Burgundy’s sub-regions and villages.

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