Daily Wine News: Flying Friends

Falconry in action. (Flickr: Tina Louise Thomas)

In VinePair, Mark Stock explores how trained birds protect wine grapes in vineyards. “Enter any number of bird-away protocols, from propane cannons and recorded hawk screeches played at full volume to netting, reflective ribbon, and even kites. Perhaps the best approach, though, is falconry, an age-old practice that involves releasing a trained bird of prey on the estate to terrify the winged nuisances.”

It’s one thing understanding NFTs and the blockchain, but what are their practical applications for the wine world when it comes to one of its biggest challenges – the fight against fraud? Victoria Moore finds out in Club Oenologique.

In the Financial Times, Jancis Robinson delves into the madness of wine prices, inflated for some regions and producers while other bargains go under the radar. “Social media has of course accelerated the speed of the ascent of these prices, as well as the dramatically increased number of people worldwide prepared to spend serious money on wine.”

In Wine Enthusiast, Kara Newman explores the new wave of American brandy. “Many are borrowing inspiration from ingredients and distilling cultures from around the world; others are finding ways to spotlight uber-local ingredients, preserving peak seasonal flavors in liquid form.”

Eric Asimov highlights bubbles to ring in the New Year with in the New York Times.

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Jess Lander recaps the 10 most notable wine deals of 2022.

Vicki Denig explores the important relationship between winemaking and oak in Wine-Searcher.

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