Getting You Hungry For Hungary at NVWA

The Wine School Trip of a Lifetime NVWA

My latest piece for the Pouring Points section over at Napa Valley Wine Academy had me reminiscing about one of the most formative experiences of my professional career in wine: namely, my stint working in Hungary as part of the Furmint USA program.

It carries the not-so-subtle title of The Wine School Trip of a Lifetime, and it shamelessly encourages anyone reading it to jump at the chance to attend NVWA’s upcoming 2023 educational jaunt to Hungary. For which, I should add, I have zero regrets and make zero apologies.

Hungary’s woes as a theoretically democratic state notwithstanding, I can tell you from deep personal experience that from the wine perspective, there is nowhere else like it on planet earth. My emotional ties to Hungary still run strong from my multiple visits there, and from my perspective, the NVWA 2023 trip itinerary looks STACKED.

At the time of this writing, there are only a few spots left on that trip, so if you’re up for engaging with one of the world’s oldest and greatest wine cultures, as well as one of its most exciting (with bonus points for it all being filled with a lot of warm, kind hearted, and talented people), this is THE 2023 wine trip for you.

More details are waiting for you at .


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Getting You Hungry For Hungary at NVWA  
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