Michaela Morris: my top wines of 2022

Mount Etna
Two of Michaela’s top wines of the year were made on Etna, in Sicily.

By the time I finally set foot in Barolo, it had been a full year and a half since my previous visit. To get reacquainted, I took a deep dive into two of the denomination’s townships, exploring the MGAs up close. From Castiglione Falletto, Brovio’s Villero Barolo from the sure-to-be legendary 2016 vintage was transcendent. As for Serralunga d’Alba, Oddero’s Barolo Riserva 2013 from Vignarionda epitomises why I consider this site to be one of the world’s greatest vineyards.

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It is difficult to choose just 10 wines that soared above all others in 2022. As the year progressed, the events, tastings and parties multiplied as we emerged from two years of isolation. There was no lack of great wine.

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