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Vinography Images: Autumn Intensity

The combination of leaves changing colors for the fall and the last of the evening light turn a vineyard’s colors up to 11 in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley. Their work done for the season, grapevines let their leaves go out in a blaze of glory before entering the dormancy of winter. INSTRUCTIONS:Download this image by right-clicking on the image and selecting …

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The Elegance of Age: Tasting South Africa’s Oldest Vines

Old vines make better wines. Like so many broad generalizations in the wine industry, that’s a verifiably false statement. Plenty of bad wine gets made from old vines all over the world. However, it can confidently and unequivocally be said that older vines bring something special to the wines they produce. In the hands of a competent grower and winemaker, …

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New York State: a winemaking melting pot

Peter Weis, owner and winemaker at Weis vineyards If New York State’s so-called vinifera revolution had its main instigator in German-born Dr. Konstantin Frank, it could be said that another revolution, happening now, is also a product of equally passionate migrants. Winemakers both from other American regions and far-flung countries are still drawn to the Empire state, as a place …

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Wine Reviews: American Wines from Coast to Coast

With Thanksgiving coming up, I wanted to share some American wines I think would fit well with any seasonal fare you and your friends and family may be serving. These represent a drop in the bucket of the diversity in regions, of course, but I’d be stoked to share these wines with my family and friends this week. I haven’t …

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